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A Bit About Us

Mission Statement:

To present and celebrate works of theatre through the vision of local artists in an innovative way that is relevant to our community and the world of today, while honoring the language and artistry of the original work.

The Company Theatre Values:

We are committed to:

I.) Uplift and educate emerging artists to help them gain experience in their respective fields.

II.) The creation of a diverse, inclusive and equitable theatre company.

III.) Comparable compensation for artistic work.

IV.) Uplift, support, and center BIPOC artists and audience

V.) Uplift, support, and center artists and audience with special needs 

VI.) Engage with anti-racist efforts within our community 

VII.) Hold ourselves accountable for keeping diversity, equity, and inclusion at the forefront of our thinking

VIII.) Foster an atmosphere of openness in order to have tough conversations when necessary 

IX.) Empower and amplify historically marginalized voices through the curation of our season and our storytelling

X.) Collaborate with artists that align with our vision of accurately reflecting the population of the community we call home

XI.) Constantly and carefully LISTEN to and LEARN from our community

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