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a new play by Kate Royal

directed by Carl Del Buono

November 8-17, 2024

Rochester, 1848. Political pioneers and activists fight for the promise of American democracy. Amidst this social upheaval and enlightenment, on the eve of Civil War, the Fox sisters begin to speak, carrying a message that would ignite a movement.

The world premiere of an original work written by Chicago playwright and Geneseo grad Kate Royal and directed by The Company Theatre Artistic Director Carl Del Buono, THE SUMMER LAND tells the story of the Spiritualism Movement that had its roots in the Rochester area in the mid-1800s. The play focuses on the Fox Sisters, and features characters from local history such as Amy Post, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Frederick and Anna Douglass, among others.


by William Shakespeare

directed by Philip Detrick

January 31-February 16, 2025

The noble Macbeth, beloved and believing, navigates an imperfect world while battling forces of nature, ambition, fear, and will. What does tomorrow hold, and are the decisions we make truly our own?

Directed by The Company Theatre Board Member Philip Detrick, MACBETH is Shakespeare’s tale of ambition, power, and what drives people to do the unthinkable. This production will consider the role gender plays in how these characters are motivated.


based on the novel by Charles Dickens

adapted and directed by Donald Brenner

April 4-13, 2025

This world premiere adaptation of Charles Dickens’ most popular novel, “Great Expectation” is a dynamic new play, told in a daring theatrical style!  “Great Expectations” is performed by an ensemble of eight actors, who echo Dickens’ haunting narrative and guide us through this classic tale of Pip’s extraordinary search for self.  With a brisk running time of 85 minutes, this adaptation maintains the heart of Dickens’ epic masterpiece while boldly cutting to its essence in a manner that is vivid, compelling, and entertaining.

Adapted and directed by Donald Brenner, GREAT EXPECTATIONS tells the tale of Pip, who learns the consequences of ambition, the complexities of identity, and the importance of personal integrity. It also introduces us to one of the most colorful literary characters, Miss Havisham.


by Molière

directed by Brodie McPherson

June 6-15, 2025

Mischievous maids, overbearing fathers, and religious con men go head-to-head in Molière’s outrageous French comedy! As Orgon’s family struggles to convince him of his house guest’s hypocrisy, Orgon vows to protect his friend Tartuffe at any cost.

Directed by The Company Theatre co-Technical Director Brodie McPherson, TARTUFFE is fresh take on Moliere’s classic French farce about the masks we wear to hide our true selves.

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